Whelen 2000 Blue Low Dome Lens Only
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Whelen 2000 Series Low Dome, Blue. This is a low dome for the 2000 Series Strobe Beacons. Blue in color.

Fully enclosed base: Sturdy polycarbonate base or cast aluminum base, all strobe power supplies are encased within the base itself for added protection against moisture and vibration
Silicone coated power supplies: For added protection against the elements, all strobe power supplies are double dipped in a uniquely formulated silicone mixture before being secured into the base enclosure
External flange mount, internal "secure" mount, or pipe mount all in one
Older style strobe beacons have been rendered obsolete as there is no longer a need for external hooks, base plates or inconvenient and expensive pipe adapter kits
New optic, interchangeable domes: All 2000 series strobe beacons are now equipped with the newest state-of-the-art single lens optics to optimize their light output
All beacons utilize the same low and high domes for ease of interchangeability
Five safety colors are available: amber, clear, blue, red, and green
Easy access for modular parts replacement: After removing two screws from the outer dome, you are able to easily access either the flashtube or the strobe power supply without removing the beacon from your roof
All models 12/24 VDC operation
Low current consumption, reverse polarity protection