Uncle Mikes Duty Belt, Ultra Cordura Nylon Sz: 3XL

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Product Code: 8779-3

Ultra Duty Belts with Velcro

For light weight, flexibility and comfort, nothing compares with duty belts made of nylon.

  • Designed and constructed of a double layer of tough 2" nylon web with a polymer stiffener for support for the holstered gun and other belt gear
  • MIRAGE Basketweave or Plain nylon models are constructed the same as the nylon web model, but cover the web with Nytek nylon for a leather look
  • Although rigid enough to support duty gear, belts remain flexible during your most strenuous activity for greater comfort and longer wear
  • All belts available with Velcro lining to mate with Ultra and Loop Back Inner Duty Belts; nylon web model also available without Velcro
  • MIRAGE models have a low sheen like leather; nylon web belt is non-reflective
  • Heavy duty, precision stitching for a professional appearance and long wear
  • Both edges of nylon web belts are bound with smooth nylon; MIRAGE models have rolled edges
  • All models have PRO-3 Triple Retention Buckle