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Holmatro Tools


For over half a century, Holmatro has been developing the most innovative and powerful hydraulic equipment for rescuers worldwide.

In the rescue business speed is nothing without control. Every second counts, but since you are working near a patient you need to be careful. Therefore our HOLMATRO Pentheon tools have ultimate speed control. A unique two-mode control handle offers you the choice, at any time during the rescue operation, to switch between the tool's high-speed and low-speed modes. Within these two modes, the speed is still proportional to how far you turn the handle to its left or right.


Only the new Holmatro Pentheon Series Rescue equipment offers you the unrestrained performance, unparalleled speed and ultimate control you have never experienced before. And with battery management made easy, you are always rescue ready!
Working under pressure, in a race against time, first responders need rescue tools they can fully rely on. It is for these men and women that we have developed our Pentheon Series: hydraulic rescue tools that are miles ahead of all other rescue equipment on the market. Only the Holmatro Pentheon Series offers you the unrestrained performance, unparalleled speed, and ultimate control you’ve never experienced before.


Back in 2005 Holmatro introduced a revolutionary new technology that would change the world of rescue and become the new international standard in hydraulic rescue sets. CORE stands for Coaxial Rescue Equipment and replaces the dual hose rescue tool set based on two (separate high- and low-pressure) hoses with four couplers and a valve on the pump for switching between tools. CORE tools only have one hose with one coupler on each end and eliminate the need to operate a valve on the pump, as they can be changed under flow. This saves precious set-up time and manpower. In addition, The CORE hose is a major step forward in safety. It consists of a high-pressure line inside (and protected by) the low-pressure line. This design fully eliminates the risk of hydraulic injection.


Holmatro offers a variety of other rescue tools including: Shoring & Stablizers, Hydraulic Pumps, Cutters, Spreaders,...etc. In order to maintain our leading position as a specialist in high-pressure hydraulics, we continuously invest in new product development. Not just the standard high-pressure hydraulic tools, such as rescue equipment, cylinders and pumps pass in review of our engineering teams. We also work hard on developing more complex and for the most part customer-specific solutions. By adding our product knowledge to the customer’s practical knowledge , we are capable of combining experience from the market with the latest technology. The results are revolutionary: extremely user-friendly hydraulic systems to work faster, with more control, and safer.

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