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Your PPE gear should evolve as you gain experience as a firefighter. That's why LION offers more models and styles of turnouts, helmets, boots and firefighter accessories than any other company in the industry - and LION delivers more innovation in their PPE product lines than anyone else. LION is actively raising the bar on firefighting technologies, from the enhanced comfort and mobility of ergonomically-designed turnout coat and pants patterns to their innovative moisture management technologies for improved safety. LION also offers footwear designed to deliver exceptional comfort, safety and durability, as well as PPE cleaning and repair services that ensure your gear is safe while reducing replacement costs.


Wearing a helmet comes with the job when you are a firefighter - but not all helmets are created equal. Some provide adequate protection but they don't fit comfortably. At LION, we think that is a problem because we know that the more comfortable your helmet, the longer you can wear it and the less fatigue you'll experience. At LION, our firefighter helmets are engineered from a first responder's perspective for the best fit and protection out there. They are completely adjustable in both suspension and height. The result is a customized fire helmet that's light and comfortable, but provides optimum heat and impact resistance.


As a first responder, yours are the hands that rescue and protect. You need to retain your dexterity while staying safe so you can do things like operate a hose, hold an axe or save someone's life. It may just be a pair of gloves, but the stakes can be high. You need to know your hands can meet those needs securely. LION Structural Protective Gloves feature smart details like innovative knuckle padding Lite-N-Dri™ to increase thermal and impact protection in high-heat and high-abrasion areas on the back of hand plus a combination of CROSSTECH® insert and Kovenex® lining for lightweight, flexible and comfortable liquid and thermal protection.


With dozens of firefighter boot options available, how do you choose the right firefighting boots? A comfortable boot is essential to safety on the fireground because, when your feet hurt, you can lose mobility and stamina. LION Fire Boots by Thorogood brings superior working comfort, safety, and durability - run after run. Simply because safety is paramount, LION builds in the following attributes throughout our boot line; high traction, flexible cement construction, steel, triple rib ladder shank, impact-resisting ankle protection, Lenzi® midsole, and oversized ladder shin guard.