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Lion Fire Safety Trailers

LION Fire Safety Trailers


Expand Your Community Fire Safety Education Reach With Mobile Training Centers

LION Fire Safety Trailers are interactive and highly realistic fire prevention training aids that can be tailored to both children and adults. Train adults with simulated fire situations that are intense, realistic, and completely safe. Features include digital flames, smoke, heat, and integrated sound effects that simulate emergencies in the home or at the workplace.

Provide children with important fire safety lessons including EDITH drills and hazard recognition. Add a severe weather package to train everyone in your community how to respond to a weather emergency.

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Comprehensive response training should include multiple elements involving environmental assessment, decision-making, action, and reaction. The combination of these elements in LION Fire Safety Trailers is designed to incorporate each of these key elements:


  • Situational - mimic appropriate environment / props
  • Decision-Making - size-up environment assesses multiple options
  • Communication - when and how to share information
  • Emotional - create stress and uncertainty
  • Physical - develop required physical skills



Choose from multiple scenario options that match the most common threats in your community (Kitchen Fire, Bedroom, Industrial, Severe Weather)


Interactive Props

All elements in the scenario are fully interactive and are controlled independently to create a truly realistic experience.



Intense infrared heaters, smoke effects, sound effects and LION’s Digital Flames create a realistic, yet completely safe training environment.



A briefing room, embedded video cameras and wireless video transmission that depicts live interior action enable robust education and training opportunities for your community.


  1. 1. Door heats up
  2. 2. Smoke appears under door from the adjoining room
  3. 3. Optional Air Conditioner sparks
  4. 4. Smoke detector alarms
  5. 5. Escape through E.D.I.T.H. window

Children learn the basics of fire safety in a realistic, but safe environment. They feel the door for fire outside their bedroom, block smoke from entering under the door with a towel or pillow, call 911 and, if necessary, use the E.D.I.T.H. window to escape the danger.


  1. 1. Oven fire ignites
  2. 2. Smoke issues from oven & microwave
  3. 3. Fire spreads to stove top
  4. 4. Overhead heaters intensify
  5. 5. Trash can ignites
  6. 6. Smoke detector alarms

Trainees must first call 911, then knock down the fire with a laser training extinguisher and turn off the oven and stove to prevent reignition. If the trainee doesn’t get the fire out, the heat and smoke force evacuation.


  1. 1. Electrical panel arcs
  2. 2. Parts washer ignites
  3. 3. Heat and smoke intensify
  4. 4. Trash can fire ignites

Trainees must pull the fire alarm, shut down the power and use a training extinguisher properly to prevent a fire from spreading throughout the scenario. Hazard Recognition Props include HazMat placards, gas leak prop, lock-out/tag-out station and a smoking outlet.