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Streamlight Law Enforcement



Always carry a handheld flashlight. It’s the primary searching light, even when arming a weapon-mounted light. A hand-held flashlight can be taken anywhere I go, even when unarmed. Carry it to sporting events, schools, and even on airplanes while traveling. Lights like Streamlight’s Stinger® 2020, ProTac®, and Strion® are high-output, but can be easily controlled with one hand.

Some situations may, however, not allow for a handheld light. Officers carrying shields and K9 handlers typically have their non-shooting hand occupied. Luckily, newer and stronger weapon-mounted lights like Streamlight’s TLR-1 HL® or ProTac® Rail Mount HL-X allow for safe-searching techniques with a weapon-mounted light. Bouncing the light off the ceiling or the floor allows the firearm to be pointed in a safe direction while still adequately lighting up a room.