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  • Wildland Firefighting

Wildland Firefighting


You need to protect yourself when fighting wild fires. NAFECO has all your gear including axes, shovels, fire flaps, packs, portable pumps, drip torches, helmets, goggles, gloves, boots, and turnout gear. The right gear is essential for the safety of wildland firefighters and the effectiveness of their firefighting efforts. Finding yourself fighting a blazing fire in the middle of a forest without a necessary piece of gear is a precarious situation, to say the least. As such, wildland firefighters must carefully pack their bags with all the gear they may require while fighting wildfires.

Firefighters must be prepared with proper equipment, training, and protective wear to work on wildfires. Personal Protective Equipment includes fire resistant pants and shirts, a helmet, eye protection, gloves, leather boots, and fire shelter. Firefighters carry personal gear bags that contain water, rations, sleeping bag, and hand tools such as a Pulaski, shovel, or McLeod. A Pulaski combines an ax and an adze in one head and can be used to dig up soil and chop wood, making it a very versatile tool.