Lion Mobile Experience

Lion Mobile Experience

Lion Mobile Experience

Post by Fire Safety Group

MOREHEAD CITY, Carteret County - Firefighters in the area were able to test new fire safety training technology on Wednesday.

The Lion Mobile Fire Experience was at Carteret Community College to show off new equipment. All local fire departments were invited to demo the technology and buy some for their departments.

Lion Training Product Specialist Josh Dancey says the company has one goal in mind with all of its products - safety.

With our props, because they are clean props, they do not give off contaminants or runoff, those types of things, he explains. We are here in a parking lot - this is not a normal setting we would do car fire training because of the contaminants and runoff - but we can do it safely and effectively in a much smaller area with a whole lot more control, and we can do it in two-thirds to half of the time.

The Lion Mobile Fire Experience tours the entire country, and this was its first stop in Eastern North Carolina.

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