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Draeger Tube, Polytest Qualitative, Box of 10

Draeger Tube, Polytest Qualitative, Box of 10

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Product Code: CH28401

Draeger Tube - Polytest
Order No. CH 28 401

Application Range
Standard Measuring Range Qualitative determination of easily
oxidable substances
Number of Strokes n: 5
Time for Measurement: approx. 1.5 minutes
Color Change: white to brown, green or violet
(depending on substance)
Ambient Operating Conditions
Temperature: 0 to 50° C ~ 32 to 122° F
Absolute Humidity: max. 50 mg H2O / L
Reaction Principle
CO + I2O5 → I2 + CO2
Cross Sensitivity
Based on the reaction principle, many easily oxidised compounds are indicated, several examples are shown below:
2000 ppm acetone
10 ppm acetylene
50 ppm ethylene
1 ppm arsine
10 ppm octane
50 ppm benzene
500 ppm propane
100 ppm butane
5 ppm carbon monoxide
10 ppm styrene
1 ppm carbon disulfide
20 ppm perchloroethylene
2 ppm hydrogen sulfide
10 ppm toluene, Xylene

Methane, ethane, hydrogen and carbon dioxide are not indicated.
Additional Information
If there is no reading, this does not always indicate that easily oxidizable substances are not present. In the individual case, the use of Dräger Polytest should be qualified by independent methods, particularly when combustible gases and vapors close to the LEL, or toxic substances are suspected.

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