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Firehooks Black Maxx Axe

Availability: May direct ship from manufacturer.
Product Code: BLMX

The Black-Maxx is one that cannot be defined as a "sledge" or "maul" that you would carry when needed for the heavy striking taks that you face everyday in fire fighting.

Padlock Breaker, Reinforced-Sheetrock, Hurricane Windows, Auto Windshield Cutter



  • 8.5 pound striking force head
  • Pointed blade cutter
  • Nesting slot for the fork of a Halligan tool to lock and carry both tools in one hand
  • Instant foot hold when pointed end is sunk in a slanted or pitched roof
  • Baseball swing point for easy forcible entry
  • Over strike rubber and measurement guide for hand placement in forcible entry operations
  • A Mini-Battering Ram
  • Handle of embossed thermo rubber grip