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Lion GasTrainer BASE Package

Availability: May direct ship from manufacturer.
Product Code: GTIU01-B

This is the Lion GasTrainer Base Package.

This Base Package includes:

  • GasTrainer Instructor Unit:
    • GasTrainer Carrying Case
    • Remote Sampling Attachment for GasTrainer
    • GasTrainer Gas Source Emitters
    • Get Started Kit for GasTrainer
    • GasTrainer Student Unit
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Take Your Training Out of the Classroom

  • Convenient: Train anywhere, anytime- indoors or out
  • Optional Instructor Control: Monitor and adjust the entire training scenario in real time
  • Safe: No exposure to deadly IDLH environments necessary, no need for respiratory protection to train
  • Versatile: Create different emergency scenarios by adjusting alarm, intensity and gas detected
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Comprehensive and Realistic Gas Monitoring and Response Training

  • Flexible: Simulates four gases most common to first responder emergencies: oxygen (O2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S) or carbon monoxide (CO) and LEL
  • Customizable: Adjust alarm levels and intensity settings to create various emergency scenarios
  • Hands-On: Replace paper and verbal command training with actual active training utilizing tools on-site where dangers may be present
  • Realistic: Designed to replicate a four-gas meter, the GasTrainer system simulates and "detects" gas clouds and leaks that can be set in realistic scenarios where firefighters are most likely to respond
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Training Opportunities:

  • Emergency Response: Trainees learn how specific atmospheres (the presense or lack of certain gases) will determine the level of emergency response
  • Locate Emission Sources: Teach trainees how to identify and find the source of a gas leak in order to determine the proper response (simple valve closuyre or evacuation)
  • Establish Safety Perimeters: Learn the proper distances to maintain from certain hazardous environments, understand what respiratory protection and other PPE is required at certain gas concentration levels
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