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Akron 3.5" Apparatus Test Kit, Case

Akron 3.5" Apparatus Test Kit, Case

Availability: May direct ship from manufacturer.
Product Code: TGK-3

3 1/2" Test Gauge Kit and Case

  •     The Akron Test Gauge Kits are to be used in conjunction with annual apparatus pump testing or for checking the accuracy of pump panel gauges.
  •     The TGK-3 Test Gauge Kit has a convenient space between the pressure and vacuum gauges. This space is for remote mounting of the pressure gauge from Akrons Apparatus Flow Test Kit (FK- 25). Once mounted in the designated area, the gauges are easy to reference during a pump test. NOTE: The remote assembly (RG- 230) is required when using the TGK-3. The RG-230 includes couplings and ten (10) feet of tubing. The gauge is not included. Additional tubing lengths are optional.
  •     The gauges are 3 1/2" diameter, easy to read, and liquid filled. A 0-30 vacuum and 0-300 PSI pressure gauges are standard. Other PSI ranges are available upon request.
  •     Test Gauges are connected directly to the apparatus through the Underwriters test fittings. All pressure gauges are in large easy to read 5 PSI increments. The vacuum gauge is in .5 Hg increments. All gauges have a +/- 1% full scale accuracy certified by the gauge manufacturer.
  • Includes 36" test hoses which connect directly to underwriters test fittings