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ASP Handcuff Key, S1 Swivel

ASP Handcuff Key, S1 Swivel

Availability: May direct ship from manufacturer.
Product Code: 56252
Brand: ASP

ASP S1 Swivel Handcuff Key (56252)


ASP Handcuff Keys are designed to withstand the rigors of long-term duty use. Conventional keys are stamped from mild steel. They often break or twist off in a handcuff. These key jammed restraints create civil liability and must be destroyed to cut them from the subject's wrist. Each ASP Key is hammer forged, then precision machined from stainless steel. The keys are heat treated for strength, then finished in one of five attractive coatings. A hardcoat lacquer is baked on for added protection. The unique ASP BackSet feature allows rapid location of the handcuff keyway. Logo Keys feature distinctive Prestige insignias, full-color State Seals, or custom agency logos.


ASP stainless steel handcuff keys are precisely machined for a universal fit, then heat treated for strength. The BackSet tab facilitates rapid location of the keyway . . . even in the dark.
Most handcuff keys are stamped from mild steel. As a result, they twist off easily in handcuffs. They break when subjected to lateral pressure by a resisting subject. ASP heat-treated handcuff keys are corrosion-resistant and extremely durable. Guardian Logo Keys incorporate State Seals and military insignias. They identify levels of certification and special units. Stock insignias include the seals of all 50 states.

ASP Eagle, Strike Force, Police, Sheriff, Security, Tactical, K9, US military, and Great Seal logos are also available. The ASP Custom Logo program allows die-struck medallions to be fabricated for a specific agency or unit. As few as 25 insignias can be die struck. Insignias can be inset into Guardian 1 or Guardian 2 Handcuff Keys in Black Chrome, Stainless, Gold, Antique Copper, or Antique Brass.