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D5 Belay/Descender, 1/2"

Availability: May direct ship from manufacturer.
Product Code: 2014882-XX
Brand: Rescue Tech

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Special descender / belay device that easily controls 500 lbs loads. Side plate closes with low-profile, spring loaded safety catch. Simple functional design. Can be placed onto the rope without removing the rigging carabiner. Rotate handle counter-clockwise to lock in place. Rotate right to descend or lower load. Rotating the handle too far clockwise will engage the panic stop function. Continued clockwise rotation re-sets the unit. The D5 is a true panic stop device rather than a panic brake device. The difference is that once the panic stop is activated, no other force must be applied to the device. A panic brake style device requires a force input to continue the braking function. Can be used for progress capture in hauling systems and allows rapid conversion between raising and lower.