FireCraft Phoenix Leather Structural Firefighting Gloves

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FireCraft Phoenix Structural Firefighting Glove, Gauntlet Style
Exceptional fit – No bunching of material in the palm provides superior dexterity and reduced hand fatigue

Independently Certified Moisture Barrier – Our Porelle® FR moisture barrier is independently certified by SEI to be compliant with 1971 NFPA Standards, 2018 edition. It allows your hands to expel moisture and still protects them from chemicals and blood-borne pathogens.

  • Exceptional fit—no bunching of material in the palm provides superior dexterity and reduced hand fatigue
  • TPP exceeds 60
  • Improved finger design—fingertips touch the ends of the glove
  • Can change radio channels while wearing gloves
  • Secure grip, wet or dry
  • Fas-Dri™ leather assures rapid drying after use and allows gloves to remain supple
  • SEI certified compliant with NFPA 1971-2018 Edition

- This five-fingered glove is constructed using a modified gunn-cut pattern with a straight thumb, resulting in wide thumb rotation and minimum seam stress at the base.
- Outer shell: cow grain leather, treated to resist moisture and flame and to stay soft after repeated wet/dry cycles.
- Moisture barrier: Porelle® FR moisture barriers are used to provide durable protection against water, chemicals and blood-borne pathogens.
- Moisture barrier is independently certified by SEI to meet 2018 NFPA® standards.
- Moisture barrier inserts are securely attached to the shell to prevent inverting (pull-out).
- All seams are lock-stitched, with 10 stitches per inch, using DuPont™ Kevlar® 30/3 spin yarn aramid thread for greater strength against heat and cut.
- Elastic snugger band is used on BOTH palm and back of glove to provide more secure fit, utilizing zigzag stitching for greater stretch capability.
- This glove is available in 16 sizes. Proper sizing allows the tips of user’s fingers to extend to end of the glove for enhanced dexterity and safety. 
- Each pair of gloves is individually poly-bagged, along with maintenance and inspection instructions.
- Certified by SEI to comply with NFPA 1971, 2018 Edition.