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Flamefighter Original Flamefighter Nozzle-GPM:300

Flamefighter Original Flamefighter Nozzle-GPM:300

Availability: May direct ship from manufacturer.
Product Code: 1000S

From simple to hard to reach fires, the original FlameFighter gets you to the source of the fire quickly. In just seconds, firefighters can insert a FlameFighter nozzle into virtually any desired entry point and generate a high pressure spray. These nozzles combine the best of durability, flexibility, and are light weight. They all gave removable nozzles which allow for extension tubes to be added for extra reach. They can also be driven in with a small mallet if needed. This unique nozzle design needs to be driven in only 3.75 inches to have full penetration of the sprayer unit. Ideal for walls, and has coverage of up to 25 feet in all directions. It is powerful enough for the fire in attics, basements, mobile homes, garages, vehicles, or any confined space. These piercing nozzles feature a unique safety handle allows a firefighter to safely hold the unit when a mallet is being used to drive the nozzle in. The handle is removable if needed. They come with 1.5 NST threads as standard. Other threads are available. Designed for the rugged demands of the fire service world wide. Mounting brackets included. All models available without valve.

Original Flamefighter Nozzle-GPM:300