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Holmatro Pentheon Combi Tool PCT50

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Product Code: 159.000.118

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Holmatro Pentheon Combi PCT50 Rescue Tool (159.000.118)

Cordless Combi Tool, part of the Holmatro Pentheon Series. Designed to offer you unrestrained performance, unparalleled speed, and ultimate control you've never experienced before!


Unparalleled Speed

Fastest Combi Tool on the market, thanks to Stepless Speed Maximization (PATENTED). A mechatronic system inside the tool continuously optimizes the motor and pump settings to deliver a maximized oil flow over the full pressure range. This results in unparalleled speed at any tool load.

Where all other rescue tools show a significant decrease in speed when switching to another stage to deal with higher loads, Holmatro Pentheon tools stick to the ideal stepless speed curve.


Ultimate Control

A unique two-mode control handle for ultimate speed control offers you the choice, at any time during the rescue operation, to switch between the tool's high-speed and low-speed modes.

Within these two modes, the speed is still proportional to how far you turn the control handle to its left or right.


Extended working time thanks to:

A purpose-built battery with increased capacity

The energy efficiency of our patented mechatronic drive technology.

An Auto Start/Stop function. When the tool is not operated or has reached its maximum pressure, the motor stops automatically. This saves valuable battery capacity. Simply turn the control handle to restart the tool.

Temperature Management Technology. Both tool and battery temperatures are continuously monitored to make sure these don’t get too high, which would cause the tool to shut off. At extremely high temperatures Pentheon tools will automatically switch to working at lower power consumption, without loss of force. All to make sure that you can keep going, even in hot weather and at high tool loads.


Battery management made easy

Stop swapping batteries with Holmatro's On-Tool Charging System. From now on you can charge a battery while it remains on the tool. Simply connect your tool to the charger and the whole charging process will regulate itself. The battery on the tool has priority over the one on the charger, which will resume charging when the battery on the tool is 100% full.

You can connect up to 3 chargers to be powered from one outlet. This allows you to charge up to 6 batteries automatically, whether placed on the charger or the tool that is connected to the charger.

It is just a matter of plugging it in!


Underwater use

Should you encounter a situation where you need to use your rescue tools completely submerged in water, our Pentheon tools are up for the job!


Realtime diagnostics

LED indicators on the tool, battery and charger provide you with direct feedback on the battery's temperature, state of charge, and state of health, as well as the tool temperature and when the maximum pressure has been reached.

For more detailed battery information you can make use of our diagnostics software.

A more extensive software program for Authorized Holmatro (Dealer) Service Technicians will allow them to provide the best service for your Pentheon tools. It combines in-depth tool diagnostics with automated inspection procedures.


Ease of use

Inline control handles with 360° access. For easy tool operation on all sides of the car.

360° Carrying handle. Goes all around the tool, so you can hold it in any position. Includes a suitcase grip for easy carrying. Made of a high-grade synthetic polymer: an extremely tough and elastic material that always returns to its original shape. Damage-proof!

The LED lights in the carrying handle are powered by the main battery. This means they automatically switch on and off, together with the tool. There's a separate button on the tool to switch the lights off, but don't bother: their power consumption is next to nothing.


With additional features that improve the cutting performance

Two grip teeth on the inside of the combi tool blades prevent the material from being pushed out during cutting.

Removable spreading tips to finish a cut without crushing materials between the tips.