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Lion SmartDummy Extrication Manikin, 55 lbs/24 kg

Availability: May direct ship from manufacturer.
Product Code: ESD055

Extrication Training Rescue Manikin

  • Heavy-Duty Abrasion Resistant Material: Allows you to crush, pin and drag the SmartDummy Rescue Manikin. Stands up to significant crush loads
  • Anatomically Correct Design: Uniform weight distribution allows joints at elbow, knee and waist to move without creating pinch points or causing it to get stuck or jammed in tight spaces during rescue operations
  • Voice Box: Allows the manikin to call out for help and interact with rescuers- record custom messages with a built-in microphone for continuous or sound-activated playback
  • Removable Limbs and Torso Impalement: Simulate a variety of serious bodily injuries including torso impalement or a severed arm or leg
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  • Weight: 55 lbs (24.95 kg)
  • Height: 5' 10" (177.8 cm)
  • VoiceBox: Power- Four AA Batteries for up to 9 hours in Continuous Mode or 15 Hours in Sound-Activated Mode
  • Volume: 0-80 dB at 3 ft
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Realistic Enough To Meet Your Training Demands

  • Made of Soft Materials: Many training rescue manikins are made of hard plastic, which lacks the realistic movement of a real human
  • No Pinch Points: Hard plastic manikins create pinch points at the joints, which can cause injury. The SmartDummy is made of a softer material
  • Realistic Simulation: When firefighters are clearing a room in visibly obscured spaces, the sound created when the halligan bar contacts a victim different than the sound created when it contacts a hard surface like furniture. Hard plastic manikins sound more like furniture than a human- the SmartDummy Extrication Manikin doesn't.
  • Better Interaction: The SmartDummy Extrication Manikin is tough enough to meet the most rigorous training demands, yet smart enough to interact with rescuers. It feels, sounds and moves like a real person
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Training Opportunities

  • Building Collapse: Use the SmartDummy Extrication Manikin to help firefighters practice saving people in a building collapse
  • Search and Rescue: The SmartDummy Extrication Manikin can help first responders rehearse finding people in large search areas
  • Entrapment: Firefighters can use the SmartDummy Extrication Manikin in entrapment exercises
  • Downed Firefighter Removal: Train for more effective downed firefighter removal
  • Vehicle Extrication: Emergency responders can use the SmartDummy to practice vehicle extrication
  • Confined Space: Prepare for freeing victims from confined space