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Lion SmartDummy Rescue Manikin w/Voice Box, 55 lbs/24 kg

Availability: May direct ship from manufacturer.
Product Code: SD055

SmartDummy Rescue Manikin

  • Weight: 55 lbs (24.95 kg)
  • Height: 5'10" (177.8 cm)
  • VoiceBox: Power- Four AA batteries power for up to 9 hours Continuous Mode or 15 hours in Sound-Activated Mode
  • Volume: 0-80 dB at 3 ft
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Easily Create Victim Training Scenarios

  • Durable: Constructed with crush-resistant materials, a rugged uni-shell covering, Drag Rescue Device (DRD) strap and removable boots
  • Realistic: Internal weighted padding provides even weight distribution and feels like a real victim
  • No Pinch Points: Flexible Joints enable a full range of motion without any pinch points
  • Victims with a Voice: Interactive, built-in VoiceBox gives your "victim" a voice and adds to the realism
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How It Works:

  • Built To Last: Tough enough to handle your toughest training requirements, year after year
  • Keep Your People Safe: Training no longer requires a real victim to be realistic. Conduct training scenarios with the rescue manikin to get hands-on experience without putting your trainees at risk of injury
  • Reduce Injury: Many rescue manikins on the market have jointed body parts that can create painful pinch points during training. Our flexible joints eliminate this issue for an even more realistic experience
  • Victims Talk Back: With the interactive, built-in VoiceBox, record messages for continuous or sound-activated playback. The rescue manikin can cough, call for help or direct rescuers to find additional victims
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Training Opportunities:

  • Fast: Train for the worst and hope for the best. Use our rescue manikins to practice Firefighter Advanced Survival Techniques
  • Vehicle Extraction: For increased realism, incorporate a rescue manikin into your vehicle stabilization and extraction training
  • Building Collapse: Use our rescue manikin to train on structure shoring, lifting and moving, as well as breaking and breaching. Prepare the rescue specialist for moving large debris of concrete to make access to the trapped victims.