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LION Smoke Liquid, 5 Liter

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Product Code: SL005L

Lion Smoke Liquid, 5 Liter

Better Training and Safer Smoker

  • Realistic Smoke Conditions: Developed to produce a thick, dense smoke with extended hang-time
  • Safer: Our water-based smoke liquid was developed to produce virtually no traces of toxins or harmful chemicals
  • No Smoke Residue: Consistent temperatures keep the smoke from becoming "wet" and producing a residue
  • Dual-Heater Compatible: Formulated to work seamlessly with all LION smoke generators, including those with dual-heater cores
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  • Realistic: Create smoke so thick and dense, your trainees will swear there is a real fire. Realistic training heightens senses and leaves a more lasting impression.
  • Reduced Carcinogen Exposure: Training with simulated smoke is much safer for your team than live fire. You'll reduce exposure to harmful carcinogens, while still conducting effective training
  • Less Cleanup: There's nothing worse than having to clean up after a hard day of training. Without our high-quality, water based smoke fluid, clean up is a breeze since the smoke does not leave behind a sticky residue
  • Optimized: Having a smoke liquid specially optimized to work with your smoke generator ensures consistent temperature control, and that you receive the best quality smoke output.
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Training Opportunities:

  • Ventilation: Continuous, high-density smoke facilitates hands on practice on hydraulic, PPV, horizontal and vertical ventilation
  • Search & Rescue: Create a variety of smoke settings from low to zero visibility to find victims during search and rescue or thermal-imaging drills
  • Large Area Search: Saturate a training environment with high-density smoke in the time it takes your firefighters to don their gear
  • Mask Confidence: Train firefighters in zero-visibility conditions to test their awareness and confidence of the PPE gear
  • Fast/RIT Combat: Train firefighters to locate and retrieve downed firefighters in a realistic scenario involving smoke