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Super Vac 16" Electric PPV, 1 HP, 1725 RPM

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Product Code: 716E2

Super Vac 16" Electric PPV 1 HP 1725 RPM (716E2)

Powered by a single-speed Bluffton motor, this PPV electric fan provides unmatched durability in our most compact size — perfect for departments that need extra space in apparatus compartments. Featuring a durable steel-frame, roll-cage design with 4-position tilt, this PPV has proven itself over the years.

716-E2 Features:

- Full Roll-Cage Frame: Protects key components
- 4-Position Tilt Frame with Lever: Provides -10°, 0°, 10°, 20°
- Fold-Down Ergonomic Handle: Folds down into frame for compact storage; features full-width handle for easy grip with gloved hands
- Flat-Proof Rubber Tires: Eliminates flat tires; rolls upstairs/curbs easily
- Single-Piece Cast Aluminum Blade: Holds up better than plastic in high heat
- Precision-Spun Steel Shroud: Provides durability with maximum airflow
- Air Cone Guard: Classic design for maximum airflow

716-E2 Specs:

- Motor: Bluffton, single speed, 1 HP, 50/60Hz, 115/230V
- HxWxD: 20″ x 20.5″ x 16″ – 508 mm x 521 mm x 406 mm
- Blade Diameter: 16″ – 406 mm
- Weight: 68 lbs – 31 kg
- RPM: 1,750
- Start Requirements: 4,000 w – 15-amp circuit
- Run Requirements: 1,500 w
- Set Back: 6 ft – 1.8 m
- Angle: 18°
- Output: 5,890 CFM – 10,007 CMH
- *RPM is at 60Hz – for 50Hz – RPM and output should be multiplied by 5/6

Bid Specifications:

A Super Vac, part number 716-E2, 16-inch electric positive pressure ventilator shall be supplied. The unit shall be cart-style designed with rear-mounted wheels, a full-height frame and a tilt-up, full-width handle for easy positioning and rapid deployment. All components of the positive pressure ventilator shall be 100% manufactured and assembled in the United States.

The tires shall be engineered to be in the back (engine side) of the fan to help protect the shroud while moving the unit and allow the unit to be re-positioned on the fire scene without personnel turning their backs to the doorway. Any ventilator with wheels on the shroud side shall not be acceptable.

The wheels shall be designed to engage as the unit is tilted for rolling to the scene. Once positioned at the scene, the unit shall sit on four cone-shaped rubber feet. The unit shall remain stationary while running at full speed.

The entire frame of the unit shall be constructed of steel that shall surround the shroud and the seven-blade 16" airfoil propeller in a roll-cage design that shall enhance lifting and user safety. The blade shall be constructed of precision-cast aluminum alloy #A356. The blade shall be driven by the electric motor that shall have a direct drive connection. Any ventilators utilizing belts, pulley, gears, or additional shafts shall not be acceptable. Any ventilators using plastic or nylon blades shall not be acceptable due to the high radiant heat found on fire scenes.

The shroud and the safety grill shall be designed as to provide maximum air velocity. The positive pressure ventilator shall have a tilt control with four positions, including one position that can direct airflow downward, and shall be equipped with a lever to set positions of the airflow to 18, 10, 0, and -10 degrees above and below horizontal level.

The front and rear safety guards shall be designed to OSHA and U.L. Standards to prevent accidental contact with the blade. The unit shall be tested to AMCA 240-15 for air movement, and the air movement shall exceed 5,890 cubic feet per minute.

The PPV shall have a minimum five (5) year warranty. The motor shall be warranted by the motor manufacturer for a minimum of two (2) years.