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VANGUARD-G2 Full Body Harness, (Gold), NFPA

Availability: May direct ship from manufacturer.
Product Code: 7304-XX
Brand: Rescue Tech

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NFPA Class III Rescue Technician Harness
The VANGUARD G2tm harness is the 2nd Generation of our most popular Technical rescue harness. Features new geometry to better share rear loads to the waist and leg. New Waist pad design built with Aerospacer tm mesh, the padding is hydrophobic / hydrophilic and works as a pump that pulls moisture away from the body and helps cool the rescuer. Designed for function and comfort. Easy donning aided by 2-piece color-coded leg buckles. Forged D rings at the front waist and chest provide rescuer main and belay attachments. Forged dorsal D ring for fall protection and belay attachments. Lifting rings on shoulders allow vertical lifting out of confined spaces. Canted side D rings provide attachment point for positioning lanyards and stow out of the way when not in use. The Vanguard-G2TM also allows for both side entry and over the shoulder donning of the chest/shoulder section. Shoulder section attached to seat section with Delta Shaped Rapid Link.

Made in U.S.A. SEI Certified to NFPA 1983.


  • 3 main attachment points, 4 positioning attachment points
  • Double-Z webbing ends ease adjustment
  • Side or Over-the-head donning
  • Twin Rear suspension better distributes load from Dorsal D Ring
  • Shoulder pads feature accessory loops for lanyard storage
  • Aerospacer Mesh in waist pad for more comfort
  • Internal polycarbonate stay distribute forces around and across the full width of the waist pad
  • Color-Coded Leg Buckles ease donning
  • Color-Coded D rings indicate proper use (Primary Rigging, Backup Rigging, Positioning)
  • Durable Storage Bag

Certified compliant to NFPA 1983 by the Safety Equipment Institute