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Zico 21" Utility Strap

Zico 21" Utility Strap

Availability: May direct ship from manufacturer.
Product Code: UMFS-2111

21" Utility straps: Available in two-inch increments from 3" to 25". Straps are normally used in conjuncti2on with variable straps to secure most any item. When used together, the fixed strap should come to the top or slightly over the top of the item being secured. Our FDS Floating Strainer may be secured with one UMFS-0911 (fixed strap) and one UMVS-2544-11 (variable strap.) Length measured from inside of "D" ring to inside of "D" ring. Footman loop is used to secure utility strap to the mounting surface. One footman loop is provided with each utility strap. For additional footman loop, order model CPFL000003, sold in each.


  • 21" Utility straps