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7" Mechanical Bracket w/ Standard Footplate

7" Mechanical Bracket w/ Standard Footplate

Availability: May direct ship from manufacturer.
Product Code: MWAB-03-7

7" Mechanical bracket with standard footplate: The Positive Locking Mechanical WALKWAY bracket meets NFPA-1901-09 9G dynamic requirements for cylinder restraint system for us in crew compartments. Third party tested to 10G. Holds listed self-contained breathing apparatus so it's ready to use. It has four PVC coated clamping arms to securely lock the SCBA in place without damaging the cylinder wall. The basic bracket and clamp arms are made of strong, yet light-weight aluminum alloys. Hex arms and operating lever are plated steel to withstand years of constant use. Donning the SCBA is fast and easy. Firefighter simply slips into the harness, pulls up on the cam-operated release lever, and and is ready to go. A cable release mechanism is available for the mechanical bracket when used in our CBR seat. NOTE: Not to be used in place of a seat belt when used with the SCBA harness. For different cylinders, the clamp arms are easily changed to accommodate the new cylinder. Per price each, 4 are required per bracket. Standard Mechanical WALKAWAY Brackets will accommodate the optional MWAB-PR strap.


  • Third party tested to 10G
  • 4 PVC coated clamping arms securely lock SCBA in place
  • Basic bracket and clamp arms made of aluminum alloys