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CMC Rappel 8

CMC Rappel 8

Availability: May direct ship from manufacturer.
Product Code: 300845
Brand: CMC

CMC Rappel 8 (300845)
Just right for SWAT teams, climbers, cavers, and sport rappelers, the slightly more compact design of the Rappel 8 offers superb control on smaller rope. Machined from a 12.5-mm (1/2-inch) aluminum plate and utilizing CMC’s superior proprietary finish for even longer wear resistance, the Rappel 8 contains almost twice the material of other small 8s, providing better heat dissipation. Because the Rappel 8 was optimized for use with NFPA Technical Use rope 9.5-11 mm (3/8-7/16 in), it is certified Technical Use.

* Certified range of rope diameters and CMC’s recommendation for best performance.

About CMC’s Super Black Finish
The CMC 3D, Rescue Rack, Rappel 8, and Rescue 8 products feature an exceptionally long-wear proprietary finish because typical hard or soft anodizing on aluminum descenders eventually wears through. This finish also prevents transfer of material onto the rope, common with bare aluminum components. After years of heavy use, our products and test samples with this Super Black Finish continue to be used in CMC School classes without showing any indication of the finish wearing through.

Climbing & Rappelling Applications
The Rappel 8 descender is a type of descent device commonly referred to within the climbing community as a figure eight descender and is used for rappelling and descent maneuvers in the field in rock climbing, mountain expeditions, canyoneering, tree climbing, caving, spelunking and adventure racing.