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Draeger X-Dock Module X-AM

Availability: May direct ship from manufacturer.
Product Code: 8321890

Draeger X-Dock Module X-AM 125 (8321890)

Draeger X-dock Module X-am 125 Cradle module for one instrument of the Draeger X-am 125 series.

Scalable calibration and configuration station to perform bump tests, create reports & calibration certificates for the portable detectors Dräger X-am 125 and Dräger Pac series and administer the gas detector fleet.

Single X-am 125 module for use with X-dock 6300 or X-dock 6600. NOTE for operation there are required accessories including, Master Module, Power Supply, Instrument Module(s), Gas Regulator, and Viton tubing. Suitable calibration gases for the products managed.