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R&B Fabrications 200 Foot Hose Strap

Availability: May direct ship from manufacturer.
Product Code: HS-200

This hose strap has the same features as the HS-150, but is capable of holding 200 feet of 1¾" double jacketed fire hose, the most commonly used attack hose in the fire service. Ideal for cross lays, quick attack lines or standpipe operations. Remains organized and ready for rapid and easy deployment. Works well with all fire apparatus. Enables a firefighter to grab a fold of hose, shoulder it and lay it out. Once at your point of attack, straps can be opened and hose advanced. Know exactly how much hose you have, and how far you can go.


  • Strap consists of three quick release VELCRO® Brand closures, interconnected by a stiff nylon spine.
  • The four 2" straps have quick release Velcro closures on the ends.
  • Overall length is 36"
  • Each strap has an adjstable circumference range of 22"-34"
  • Weighs 25.12 oz.