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SCENEdots 3M Diamond Grade Red

SCENEdots 3M Diamond Grade Red

Availability: May direct ship from manufacturer.
Product Code: RDG

SCENEdots are made with the same reflective material that has been used for years, therefore the durability has already been proven. SCENEdots is a great alternative to the traditional Chevron striping which, as you know, requires a smooth surface for application and is far more expensive. With SCENEdots, you can make a horizontal, vertical, or chevron stripe in any width or length without measuring, cutting or using a straight-edge for alignment. SCENEdots have a unique twist of technology: that is, when they reflect light they have a very distinctive LED appearance as opposed to a solid continuous stripe. The beauty of this product is that you do it yourself! Simply peel and stick the reflective dots -- It's that simple! SCENEdots will make your fire apparatus more visible, which means safer during an emergency response, at the scene, or simply returning back to the fire station.

One sheet consists of 56 Dots