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"Why Not" Turnout Gear Cleaner Case of (2) 2.5 Gal Bottles

"Why Not" Turnout Gear Cleaner Case of (2) 2.5 Gal Bottles

Availability: May direct ship from manufacturer.
Product Code: TGC-5

Here's Why,
this special formula is like no other cleaner:

ONLY cleaner especially designed for today's high performance textiles,

  • Designed from the ground up to meet combat conditions

  • Designed to reduce harm to textiles and enhance performance

SUPER-CONCENTRATED solution with more active ingredients and less water,

  • Two or three times stronger than store brand detergents

  • Performs as both a presoak and detergent

FIGHTS oils, hydrocarbons, and dirt with a balanced detergent action,

  • Solvent action for neutralizing and releasing hydrocarbons

  • Surfactant action for more effective penetration and release

VERSATILE enough for all public service and military clothing, web gear, and textiles,

  • Balanced for the entire range of service wear, from PBI to Cotton

  • Will not harm breathable moisture barriers or remove waterproofing

EFFECTIVE throughout the entire component range,

  • Keeps wash soils from re-depositing onto fabrics

  • Effectively cleans both thermal batting and breathable moisture barrier

CONVENIENT to purchase and use,

  • Packaged two 2.5-gallon bottles to a carton

  • Five gallon quantity pricing includes free freight within our service area

COMPLIANT to industry standards,

  • NFPA 1851, Revision 2001 compliant

  • Quality tested by third-party laboratory